Get your Bricks and mortar shop/business online before the next Covid lockdown.
The internet impacts every area of our lives. We use it for socializing, entertainment, working, and research. We also use it to shop.

There’s now a generation of adults who have only known a world where the internet exists, and as they, and the generations that follow, spend more money, eCommerce will continue to grow. Currently, 43% of shoppers use the internet and social networks to research products before purchasing, and by 2024, eCommerce revenue will be worth $476 billion in the U.S.

Retailers cannot afford to stay offline if they want to reach customers. Ecommerce sites empower businesses to reach new markets and gain resilience by selling if their brick-and-mortar stores have to close. If you’re just starting a business, an eCommerce site can give you a worldwide market and brand recognition before you even open a physical store.

Starting a dedicated eCommerce website gives you the ability to control every aspect of your customer experience, from branding to shipping and customer service.
You can choose to build it yourself or go with a developer, but either way, knowing about the process can help you make informed choices, so you get a website that’s optimized for selling your products.

Ecommerce Selling Statistics

Ecommerce is growing every day and offers businesses unique opportunities to connect with their target audience.
A well-designed eCommerce store can benefit from providing convenient shopping options for consumers.

1. E-commerce will make up 22% of global retail sales by 2023.

Sales in online stores are expected to reach 22% of global retail sales by 2023, compared to 14.1% in 2019.

While some of this growth is driven by more eCommerce sites being created, most of it is due to a shift in shopping trends.
Business owners can take advantage of this global phenomenon by giving customers opportunities to buy as soon as they decide on a product and also reaching overseas consumers with international sites and shipping.

2. E-commerce sales in Q1 of 2020 accounted for 11.5% of total sales.

It’s estimated that 11.5% of sales in the first quarter of 2020 were eCommerce sales.
The impact of COVID-19 means more people are shopping online, and eCommerce sales have continued to grow throughout the year.
As more consumers buy on the internet, opportunities exist for business owners to prove that the best eCommerce sites offer excellent online services, building loyalty for the post-COVID-19 world.

Why Create an Ecommerce Website?

It’s clear that the growth in eCommerce brings many benefits for a business’s bottom line, but there are more reasons to create an eCommerce business.
An online presence gives businesses ample opportunities to create connections that lead to growth.

1. New-market acquisitions.

For many companies, especially small businesses and startups, it can be hard to reach customers in new markets with just a storefront.
An eCommerce site enables you to reach new customers online that you couldn’t reach with only brick-and-mortar sales.

2. Create unique shopping experiences.

Online businesses are also able to directly impact the customer journey by creating a unique shopping experience through videos, stories, and personalized services.
These shopping encounters don’t need to end at the checkout either, as you can reach customers via email marketing or social media.
These extraordinary experiences have a way of convincing customers that online shopping offers inclusive opportunities that a brick-and-mortar store typically doesn’t provide.

3. Strengthen your brand.

If you sell on an online marketplace, like eBay or Amazon, your products are listed generically and often use the marketplace’s brandings.
Some customers may not even realize they’re purchasing from you and consequently won’t learn about your brand.
Owning your own eCommerce site ensures control of how your products are presented.
Your customers remember you, not the marketplace.

What you get with the e-commerce site build !!

Linux VIP Web Hosting Gold Plan for the first year
Domain name .com or included for the first year
Business eMail accounts

WordPress Site (fully managed by us as long as you host with us includes daily backup, plugin updates, theme update)
Template from ( ) to value of $75.00*
SEO basic (main keywords, add to google search, optimize the site for Google,

Domain Name

Included if you continue to host with us (.com or only)

Dedicated IP

1 For the first year then £5.00 P/M

Disk Space

5000 MB


10.00 GB P/M



SSL Certificate

Free while you host with us

24/7 Help line


Direct Admin Panel


Free Installatron software installer


Optimized for WordPress



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